Who is DJ Fergg?

Who is DJ Fergg?

Welcome to FerGG’s world! I’m DJ Fergg , female DJ and entrepreneur. My DJ career began in 2019, I’ve always been able to find happiness in music and one day I decided I wanted to share my music taste with the world and here we are! Since then, I have achieved much more than I honestly expected.

I have worked in multiple states, working various event including festivals, showcases, mixtapes and more! I am the first African American Female DJ to have radio mix show on the gulf coast as well as multiple music awards nominations. I recently launched my radio show 21 minutes with DJ Fergg & my website where I have merchandise and booking information available. I have hosted mixtapes, as well as performed live DJ mixes in front of thousands! The past few years have been amazing! You can catch me on air on NSpire U On Air every Friday at 4pm and Saturday at 3pm! Thank you for visiting my website! I hope to hear from you! Let's stay connected! Click here to my personal instagram page! 







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